Blackmailing The Babysitter. Download Free For July!

The Babysitter has been bad… it’s easy to blackmail a bad girl!

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Cassie is a hardworking college girl who babysits for extra cash, and when she and her boyfriend Jimmy are caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing while babysitting at Mrs. Jones house, Cassie’s world of being intimately unsatisfied is turned upside down in the most unexpected way!

Mrs. Jones, at first impression, is an uptight and frigid woman who catches Cassie and Jimmy in a compromising position one night when she comes home early. Not one to let an opportunity pass her by, Mrs. Jones, wanting her own needs to be met, lays down the law clearly outlining what will happen to Cassie if she and Jimmy fail to submit to her desires.

Can Cassie, along with her boyfriend, rise to the occasion and protect her reputation as the best babysitter in the neighborhood? Will this unexpected side of Mrs. Jones be Cassie’s unraveling? Never judge a book by its cover is a lesson Cassie learns and will not soon forget!