Learning To Lick – Lesbian Erotica

Learning To Lick – A First Time Lesbian Experience

Lori is a shy and introverted woman who is totally surprised when Natasha, the sexiest woman at work, asks her out on a girls night out. Not wanting to go, but unable to say no to Natasha – who insists she won’t take no for an answer anyways, Lori feels the pressure to follow through and, when she discovers the girls night out is at a gay bar, she thinks she has made a mistake – or has she?

As the night progresses, Natasha’s fun and out-going personality begins to rub off on Lori, breaking her shell of seclusion, and by the end of the evening teaches Lori something about herself that has been hidden inside all her life – and that now has been brought to the surface, ensures that from there on, Lori will lead the life she is meant to live; a life of passion, excitement, and erotic satisfaction.