My Taboo Wedding – Lesbian Erotica

A Taboo First Time Lesbian Experience

Samantha is getting married in five days and to say she has the wedding jitters would be an understatement. Despite being madly in love with her fiance Jerry, Samantha is worried that she could be making a mistake – is Jerry the right choice for a lifetime partner of romance and intimacy?

The thought of only being with Jerry, and no one else, scares Samantha and so she seeks advice from her mother, who as per usual, smooths things over showing Samantha how a woman can have all her needs met while being married to the same man – after all, she’s been doing it for twenty years with Samantha’s father.

This is a tale of lesbian erotica where a younger woman is guided by an older woman to see things in a different light, opening her private world up to the joys of women loving women.