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New Release: Saving Our Marriage – Book 3 – The Cuckold Husband: Cuckold Erotica

Saving Our Marriage By Sharing Each Other – Book Three – The Cuckold Husband

In Saving Our Marriage By Sharing Each Other, Tracy and Mike are on yet another crazy sexual adventure!

This third installment is the best ever!

Mike is loving how confident his wife is becoming from their new sexual adventures in the ‘Swingers Lifestyle’, and this time he still wants to watch her with another man, but he wants to be like a fly-on-the-wall while she is taken by a much more Alpha male. Soon Mike learns that his fantasy actually has a name and it’s called being a Cuckold and while the fantasy creates some confusion inside of him, he urges his wife to participate.

Tracy has no problem taking on the role as the Hot-Wife seducing much younger and more endowed men than her husband, and once she realizes what her husband is offering her, she takes hold of this fantasy and makes it a reality showing up at home with one of the hottest studs from their gym with lust on their minds.

Download this third installment and read how Mike opens a sexual Pandora’s box and turns his wife into someone he may not be able to recognize shortly. Learn how Tracy grows even more confident, ruling her marriage with her sexual power, while Mike takes a back seat, taking what he gets and loving every sexy minute of it!

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