She Made Me Do It – The Cheating Wife And Her Submissive Husband

How far is he willing to go to keep his hot wife happy?

Henry is lucky to have a wife like Carrie, and he knows it and spoils her every chance he gets and allows her to do anything she wants – including being with other men like Jacob, the young black stud working as a valet at the country club.

Henry does not have what it takes to satisfy a woman like Carrie, so he accepts his fate of inferiority and succumbs to his wife’s demands and desires of humiliation and degradation, ultimately pushing him past his limits, turning him into the the type of man he never dreamed possible – a submissive man doing whatever it takes to hang on to his beautiful wife.

On this day that Carrie brings Jacob home, Henry is once again challenged to bend to his wife’s whims, and he is pushed to participate in a way he never has – can Henry rise to the occasion, doing whatever is expected of him to keep his wife happy, regardless of how far he is expected to go?