Teaching My Wife’s Brat A Lesson – A Taboo Short Story

Teaching My Wife’s Brat A Lesson – Step-Daddy & Step Daughter Taboo Fantasy.

Bruce is going crazy dealing with his wife’s daughter Tammy. She used to be such a sweet little girl, but the minute she turned sixteen, everything went to hell causing Bruce to count the minutes; waiting until the day she turns eighteen and leaves home for college.

Finally turning eighteen, Tammy does leave for college allowing Bruce a much needed break from her bratty antics, but once school is out for summer, Tammy is back home and once again making her step-fathers blood boil.

Coming home early from a weekend at the lake, Bruce busts Tammy doing everything she was told not to do, including having boys over which was expressly forbidden – will Bruce lose his cool and dish out the punishment Tammy so badly deserves?

Find out now by downloading this entertaining taboo short story, and see how Bruce turns his frustrations into sexual satisfaction!