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Teaching My Wife’s Brat A Lesson: Chapter One

Chapter 1  – For Better Or Worse

When I married Linda, we said vows promising that we would stay together for a lifetime no matter what – for better or worse.

I took those vows seriously, and have remained faithful for fifteen years, standing by my wife’s side through thick and thin, making it through financial hardships, nosy in-laws and even infidelity on my wife’s part, but it was when my wife’s daughter, Tammy, turned sixteen – that shit really hit the fan.

It was like this cute, sweet little girl suddenly disappeared, and in her place was now this snotty, know-it-all teenager who’s only purpose in life was to make my life a living hell.

I counted the days when she would turn eighteen and leave for college. My hopes were that she would snap out of this phase, and mature into a responsible young adult as she acquired some worldly experience– ya right, not in this lifetime.

Tammy did leave for college, and while I still had to put up with her sarcasm and whining; her demands for more money and new clothes; and her complaints that her car was not new enough, at least with her out of the house, living in her own apartment, I had some peace and alone time with my wife.

Of course, college is not in session all year, and when summer arrived, so did Tammy, and my world was once again turned upside down due to her immature and annoying ways.

“OK, Tammy,” I said to her, “your mother is going on a weekend retreat and I’m going fishing with my buddies, so you’re going to have the house to yourself this weekend.”

“Ya, so what?”

“Well,” I replied, clenching my jaw, “that means no boys over, no parties, and no drinking – do you understand?”


“Do you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, her expert sarcasm grating on my nerves.

“OK, then, I’ll see you Sunday.”



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