Tracking The Sitters Cycle – A Forbidden Pregnancy Romance

Tracking The Sitters Cycle – A Dangerous and Forbidden Romance

Chris has a forbidden desire and it involves his best friends eighteen year old daughter Alexa, who also happens to be his step-kids babysitter. The desire to fulfill what he wants most, despite that fact it could land him at the wrong end of a shot gun, or even divorce court, is driving him mad – to say he is insatiable would be an understatement.

Not caring that the consequences are dire, and that his actions could hurt the ones closest to him, he sets out planning exactly how he will get what he wants at any cost; which for his situation is a very high price to pay. Will he follow through pursuing Alexa despite everything against him? How much is anyone willing to risk for their hearts desire? Find out now and download this book of taboo pregnancy erotic fiction.